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>>Topical Articles<<
Assumed Longitude
Casio fx-260 Solar II
Emergency Navigation
Making a Kamal
Noon Sight
Pub. 249 Vol. 1
Sextant Adjustment
Sextant Skills
Sight Averaging
Sight Planning,
  Error Ellipses,
  & Cocked Hats
Slide Rules
Standard Terminology
Star Chart
The Raft Book
Worksheet Logic

Class 6:  August 15, 2019

Class Plan

  • Work with Carly on direct calculation of sights using trigonometry (rather than using Pub. 249)
  • Do plotting with a universal plotting sheet (rather than the sheet customized for Israel).

  • Plot from DR position rather than AP.

Materials Required

  • Sight reduction worksheet for direct calculation
  • Scientific calculator


Homework Assignment

  • Create a sight averaging plot from sights 3, 4, 5 and 6 from this list.

  • Complete the sight reduction of sight #3, from 12:48:39, and plot it on this plotting sheet.