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>>Topical Articles<<
Assumed Longitude
Casio fx-260 Solar II
Emergency Navigation
Making a Kamal
Noon Sight
Pub. 249 Vol. 1
Sextant Adjustment
Sextant Skills
Sight Averaging
Sight Planning,
  Error Ellipses,
  & Cocked Hats
Slide Rules
Standard Terminology
Star Chart
The Raft Book
Worksheet Logic

Pub. 249 Volume 1

You have Volumes 2 and 3 of Pub. 249 now. You may be curious as to what Volume 1 is about. It is designed to help a person take rapid star sights, and even suggest stars that are most visible in your latitude, and that provide a good "cut" with each other.

We are not going to deal with Volume 1 in the class - it is enough to learn how to use Volumes 2 and 3. But you may be interested in taking a look at Volume 1, and playing around with it a bit.

Volume 1 gradually goes out of date, and so it reissued every five years (volumes 2 and 3 are perennial). This is the edition issued in 2015 - and made available at no charge by the US Government.

If you decide you like using Volume 1, I recommend waiting until the 2020 edition is published before you buy a hard copy of the book.

Download Volume 1

This is a big PDF file, and can take a couple of minutes to load into your browser. If it fails, try right clicking on the link and using "Save Link As..." to do a direct download to your hard drive.