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>>Topical Articles<<
Assumed Longitude
Casio fx-260 Solar II
Emergency Navigation
Making a Kamal
Noon Sight
Pub. 249 Vol. 1
Sextant Adjustment
Sextant Skills
Sight Averaging
Sight Planning,
  Error Ellipses,
  & Cocked Hats
Slide Rules
Standard Terminology
Star Chart
The Raft Book
Worksheet Logic

Class 2:  July 18, 2019

New Pages Added to This Web Since Last Week

Class Plan

  • Initial questions from Ofer.
  • Work out July 13, 2019 sun sight, taken from shore at Caesarea.

Materials Required

  • Parallel rule
  • Dividers
  • Reference books you just picked up from the post office
  • If you have not already done so, please download and print one copy of each of:


    Homework Assignment

    • Reading assignment in textbook: Introduction, Chapter 1, Chapter 2
    • Seek to adjust your sextant as directed here.
      You may also make reference to the Astra IIIb user manual, available here.
    • Review the new and changed pages at this web site.