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Assumed Longitude
Casio fx-260 Solar II
Emergency Navigation
Making a Kamal
Noon Sight
Pub. 249 Vol. 1
Sextant Adjustment
Sextant Skills
Sight Averaging
Sight Planning,
  Error Ellipses,
  & Cocked Hats
Slide Rules
Standard Terminology
Star Chart
The Raft Book
Worksheet Logic

Class 8:  August 29, 2019

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Class Plan

  • Reduce sight using direct calculation with a conventional slide rule, or the Mark 1 mock-up.
  • Time permitting, do Bob's sight averaging exercise.

Materials Required

  • Mark 1 mock-up


Homework Assignment

  • Look at YouTube video to see how sun compasses are still being used today in areas where magnetic compasses are unreliable.
  • Be prepared for a star quiz next week.
  • Work out this problem using your own slide rule. Even though the instructions are around the Mark 1 rule, you will be able to work out the problem on your own rule using no more than the S, T, C, D, and CI scales.